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Alright, sorry for the delay on the posts, there’s been a couple changes in the camp and a lot of music being made. Today, we have the release of L’s latest mixtape, JUST RAP. Fuck hip-pop, L’s getting back to basics.

A few words from L…

At the outset of 2011, I didn’t have any intentions of releasing two mixtapes! I came into the new year with my mind set on putting an album together. As January and February came and went, the months that followed proved it wasn’t the right time to immerse myself into making such a complex project. However, shortly after the release of The Last 12 Months, I got into a creative space that was conducive to making music at a tremendous pace. Like most great ideas and inventions, you usually stumble upon them or they happen by complete accident! The same can be said for the concept of “Just Rap.” While brainstorming, myself and my inner circle were trying to best appraise what I do, and what I bring to the game. Unfortunately, what ended up being said were more of the things that I don’t do (i.e. sing, dance, act or formally play any instruments!) The only ‘action’ phrase left was ‘just rap’.

This project was made with the soul intention of breaking down every stereotype that exists in hip-hop music today, especially for a new artist. Not everyone was made to play, sing or dance. Though, I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with that if you do it, but there is a problem with it if we are all doing the same thing.

With Just Rap, I wanted to show that you can make quality records – commercially viable records, and even heartfelt emotional records whilst staying within the traditional sounds intended for a hip-hop audience. I’m thrilled to comeback and give y’all Just Rap! I’m always preparing the listener for what’s coming next; whereas The last 12 Months was about being heard, Just Rap is about listening conscientiously, and taking in this music.
Next, we’ll listen to what we hear…

Grab the link @ wwww.12thlettermusic.bandcamp.com !


I was working in the studio with DJ Mercilless last week and he showed me this hilarious video of Biggie performing at KMEL Summer Jam in ’95. During the performance his DJ Big Kap kept messing up, watch what happens.

I’m not for DJ bashing but, damn Kap you fucked up.


On June 3rd I’ll be rocking the stage of Droppin’ Knowledge. If you don’t know Droppin’ Knowledge is one of Toronto’s best concert series. I’m really excited for this show not only will I be doing songs from The Last 12 Months, I’ll be performing some new joints I’ve been working on.

This is gonna be a great show I’m sharing the stage with some dope MCs D-Sisive, Charlie Murphy & Fresco. I’ll see you on June 3rd. Check the Shows & Events page for full details.


This sunday I’ll be over at Tota hosting Soul Good brought to you by my friend Jay Sto. This is gonna be a dope party. Check the DJ Line-up DJ Law, James Redi and Dough Low Rock. If you don’t have work on Monday morning come by Tota and kick it with me and The Winners Circle fam.

Tota – 592 Queen St West
DJS: James Redi, Law & Dough Low Rock | HOST: Me
FREE Before 11, $5 after
Doors @ 10 | 19+





The last 12 Months is a labor of love that I started last year amidst tons of uncertainty and angst. That coupled with an intense hunger and desire to be heard, that bordered on an over looked middle child in say a household like the Jacksons (Michael was the middle child if you were wondering). When I began recording this project I knew from the outset that I wanted to make statement tracks. I wanted to showcase skill and bring a new element to whatever beat I rhymed on. And since I have the propensity to choose production that people say is “bold” & at times “classic” I made sure that if I was rhyming over “Dead Presidents” or “Just To Get A Rep” I was gonna not only rap my ass off but bring something to the song that made it memorable. The most exciting part about this project is what happens in the next 12 months. I’m excited to share this Mixtape with everyone so it can prepare you, the listener for what’s coming next. The last 12 Months was all about being heard. The next 12 Months I want everyone to LISTEN.

The mixtape will be on the site on April 15th at Noon.

Shout out to BOZACK for the cover and his patience.

For the track list Continue reading


Friday night if your looking for something to do. I think I have the answer to your question. The Fundamentals at Augusta House. The party is hosted by my homie Bozack Morris and has a sick DJ line-up that consist of Big Jacks, DJ Mensa and The Sweet Touch Foundation. These guys are some of Toronto’s best DJ’s so the music is gonna be on point. I can expect a dope Nate Dogg tribute also. I always have fun at Augusta House been to some great parties in there.

If you’re thinking of coming out email 12thlettermusic@gmail.com I can hook up guestlist.


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